The Embedded Security Vidcast

Keeping up with Evolving Challenges in Embedded Cybersecurity

From increased software stack complexity to emerging regulations like the U.S. Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, the landscape is changing in the world of embedded cybersecurity.

Watch our vidcast series to learn about the ever-evolving challenges associated with securing complex embedded systems and how to protect your systems from cybersecurity threats.

Adam Boulton

Chief Technology Officer
BlackBerry Technology Solutions

Ian Todd

Director, IoT Cyber Security Services
BlackBerry Technology Solutions

Cris Sinnott

Senior Director Engineering, BlackBerry Jarvis
BlackBerry Technology Solutions

Episode 1
What are embedded systems?

What are embedded systems? Beyond operating systems like those from BlackBerry QNX, what are we talking about when we talk about embedded systems? And why is embedded security so critical? In this episode, we cover the key differences between embedded and general-purpose systems. We also discuss the performance expectations...

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Episode 2
What are SBOMs and how does the executive order affect companies?

What is a Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) and what are the challenges companies face when trying to create them? In this episode we will explore ...

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Episode 3
Does Biden’s executive
order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity, support safe software?

Under the requirements of Biden’s Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity you not only need to produce an SBOM for your critical embedded systems ...

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Episode 4
Uncovering the unknown unknowns

Often, the biggest challenge with analyzing the security posture of your embedded systems lies in discovering the unknown unknowns. In this episode of Embedded Security Podcast, we will discuss how to identify gaps in your knowledge of what is hidden in the binaries of your complex embedded software...

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Episode 5
What is BlackBerry doing in the embedded cybersecurity space?

In this podcast series, we’ve discussed many aspects of embedded security and the challenges associated with securing complex embedded systems. But how can you take action to protect your systems from cybersecurity threats?

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Introducing BlackBerry Jarvis 2.0

BlackBerry Jarvis 2.0 is a software composition analysis solution that lets you detect and list open-source software and software licenses within your embedded systems, as well as their cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exposures. It scans binary images or files you upload and generates reports that include graphical views of third-party files, third-party licenses and groupings of detected vulnerabilities by severity. It's a powerful solution that enables you to identify risks and prioritize remediation plans – all without having to access source code. Thanks to its ability to identify software versions, BlackBerry Jarvis 2.0 excels in accurately detecting common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), which helps you avoid false positives that can be costly to you and your suppliers. Learn more:

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